Effective Home Security That Will Protect Your Home

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Effective Home Security That Will Protect Your Home

According to 2019 burglary statistics, 3 out of 4 homes will be broken into in the U.S. and that it will happen in the next 20 years. Of all burglaries, 88% are residential with 34% of burglars entering through the front door. These alarming numbers mean that securing your home is more important than ever. Good thing you can accomplish that with a few simple rules and security solutions. Below are 6 effective home security tips that will protect your home.

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1. Light Up the Landscape

Burglars move around under the cloak of darkness. If that’s the case, then lighting up your landscape is a good method for discouraging them. Install more lighting to your front door area, the yard, and the driveway. While it has limited effectiveness in stopping thieves, some intruders do feel reluctant when they see that lights surround your home.
This comes with disadvantages as well. For instance, it’s like you are showing criminals that here is a “property to rob.” It’s why you need motion-activated lights instead of ordinary lighting. Make sure you have them placed in the right areas where they won’t disrupt passing cars or your neighbors but still act as your first line of burglary defense.

2. Reinforce Doors, Locks, and Other Hardware

Don’t forget to strengthen your doors, locks, and other hardware. Some intruders will force their way in and the best solution to that is making sure they can’t. Here are some tips on how you can reinforce your home’s hardware:
· For your doors, use 3” to 3.5” screws on your door strikes and door hinges instead of the common 1/2” screws. It’s also recommended to use at least 2 screws on every hinge.
· Instead of the standard strike plate, replace it with an elongated one. This way, you can use 4 or more 3” – 3.5” screws, which will prevent your door from getting kicked in so easily.
· Use reinforcement kits with better versions of door strikes and door wraps.
· Install stronger door locks – higher lock grades, better material and higher resistance to lock bumping.
· Invest in auxiliary locks such as security bars, loop locks, and vertical bolt locks to make it more secure.
· For glass doors, don’t forget to add a security film to prevent them from being broken easily.
Also, don’t forget to reinforce your windows and garage door. Besides strengthening the locks and the doors and windows themselves, make sure the keys and openers aren’t lying around.

3. Use Motion-Sensing Lights

As mentioned earlier, you can protect your home by adding motion-sensing lights. It is especially useful if your house has heavy foliage. When someone is outside your door or walking around sneakily in your yard, the device detects it and turns the lights on depending on the setting. It will shut off automatically unless it still detects motion.
It’s a great investment – inexpensive to install but provides your home with extra security. Install these lights so they cover the sidewalks leading to every door that leads to inside your home. You can also position them at stairways, patio areas, and decks. It’s recommended to put them around 6 – 10ft. above ground for better sensing.

4. Add Security Cameras

Security cameras like the Lynx Solar outdoor camera are one of the most basic devices to stop a burglar. Through such cameras, you can have a live or recorded video footage of what is happening on your property. The video evidence they provide has led to a lot of criminals incarcerated.
In the last decade, security cameras improved a lot thanks to technology, so you have many options. There are wired and wireless versions. Some are internet-ready allowing you to view any area of your home from afar. Some cameras even have motion sensors. Make sure you read up and compare each of them to see which one suits your needs.

5. Set Up a Security System

If you want to be sure that your home is truly protected, the best method is to set up a professional alarm system. Plenty of different types of security systems exist to match every home’s different needs. Two of the main types are monitored and non-monitored security systems.
With monitored, you get professional, round-the-clock home surveillance. It means a security company is there to look out for you and notify the authorities in case of a break-in. On the other hand, you may also set up a non-monitored system that will sound an alarm if the system is triggered.

6. Pick-Proof Your Deadbolts

Part of reinforcing your doors is to make sure your deadbolts are pick-proof and bump-proof. Here are some ways to do that:
· Install a pick-proof and bump-proof lock, which is an add-on product to keep your standard deadbolt extra secure.
· Check if your deadbolts have the markings that indicate they are pick resistant and bump resistant. These locks are usually made by Schlage or Kwikset.
· Get a locksmith to install special pins that make your lock more difficult to bump or pick.

There you go. These are the most common, but effective ways you can make your home extra secure from intruders and thieves.

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