Fact About Leopards

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Leopards love to prey in the night

Leopards are mostly nocturnal animals, they’re love hunting prey at night.

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The leopard has light colored and dark spots on their fur. The spots they have on their fur is called “rosettes”.

Adult leopards distance themselves

The adult leopards are always in solitary. The adult leopards will have their own territory where they live. They focus on avoiding each other.

Leopards are great swimmers

Among the large cats, the leopard are very good swimmers. The leopard will use it’s long tail to help with the balance while on narrow tree branches.

These big cats love the water.

Leopards like to hide their food

Leopards have a habit of dragging their food really high up into trees to help protect it from the other animals.

Leopards live longer in a habitat

Life expectancy for the leopard in the wild is 12-15 years. If they’re living in a zoo it’s closer to 23 years.

Very good ears

The leopard has ears that can hear up to 5x’s more sound than that of a human ear.

Strong Cats

Leopards are considered very strong and they could be the strongest of the big cat family.

The Leopard can match the strongest of cats depending on their bodies.

Leopards like to mate

The female leopard will mate will a array of male leopards that are considered the most dominate in near territory. This keeps risk down of one of her cubs being killed because rival dominate males will think the cub is theirs.

Leopards will give about 2 to 3 baby leopards in each birth.

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