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Baby Pigs Can Learn Recognize Their Mothers Voices

The new born piglets can learn their mothers voice at the young age of 2 weeks old.

Pigs are used to build products

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Pigs as used to create by-products this is things like gelatin and their hair is used to build high quality paint brushes.

Pigs were first to be used for food

The pig was one of the first animals to be domesticated.

Bacon can be found in dates that go back to 1500 BCE.

The Chinese people were the first to cook salted pork bellies more than 3000 years ago.

They were domesticated nearly 6,000 years ago.

Terminator pigs once existed

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These were considered dinosaur pigs otherwise known as entelodont, other names are hell pigs.

This type of pig is currently extinct and were found in forests, plains of North America and Eurasia.

They existed nearly 21 million years ago.

Pigs organs can sometimes be used to save humans

The porcine heart valves are often times used in human patients that need replacement valves.

Studies have shown they may also help cure diabetes.

Pigs can squeal very loud

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The pigs squeal is considered one of the loudest sounds an animal can make. The pig squeal is considered louder than some jets.

The biggest pig in the world

The biggest pig ever in the world name is Big Bill, he has the world record since 1933. This pig was from Poland & weighed 2,552 pounds. He was also 5 ft tall and 9 feet long.

Pigs do not have good eye sight

Pigs aren’t known to have a good ability to focus and their able to so is very limited.

Their eyes are very small and and pigs squint a lot.

Pigs have a good ability to taste

The average pig has 15,000 taste buds while humans only have 9,000.

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