Facts About Spiders

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Not an insect

A spider is considered an arachnids, unlike popular insects arachnida are a class of joint-legged invertebrate animals.

Untrue facts

One of the most popular spiders the “Black Widow”, it is rumored the black window will cannibalize on her mate. This doesn’t happen as often with Black Windows as some of the other spider species.

Spiders are always close

For your average acre of land you’ll find something close to 1 million spiders. If you live in the tropics it’s more like 3 million spiders per acre. Humans are never really more than 10 feet away from a spider in their lifetime.

Not all spiders produce silk

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It’s popular to see spiders spinning webs, this has lead many to believe that they all do it. This isn’t true, silk is used for climbing and creating the webs. Majority of spiders have four and sometimes more opening on their stomach referred to as spinnerets.

Spiders are everywhere except for one continent

You can find a spider on every single continent with the exception of Antarctica.

Cool nickname for the webs

If a spider makes webs and they are abandoned the webs are called cobwebs.

Spiders don’t kill humans often

Spiders are actually afraid of humans and will only bite if they feel threatened. Majority of spiders found in the home won’t actually bite people often, if they do most of the time they’re not a serious risk to your health.

The Brown Recluse and Black Widow are the only 2 spiders found in the United States that can kill you from a bite using their venom.

Male spiders are often prepared

The male spider have the ability to create a small weave of sperm. They use this “sperm” web to drop semen onto and using their pedipalps use it to insert into the female spider.

Tarantulas aren’t a big threat

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Some people use this spider as a pet, not often will you find a death from a tarantula.

The tarantula does have fangs and can bite. These spiders do create painful effects once they attack but, the hairs and fangs do not seem to do much when it comes to harming humans long term.

Tougher than steel

The spider web is actually made of silk but can be proven to be stronger than steel itself.

Spiders travel with their legs off the ground

They travel while keeping four of their legs onto the ground and four legs off of the ground. They will travel any distance using this method.

Presents to their female

Sometimes the male spider will save a insect to give to a female spider.

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