Facts about the Shark

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No Bones

Sharks may be large in their size but, actually have no bones inside their bodies. The body of a shark mostly consist of cartilaginous tissues.
This is the same material that used to make humans ears and the tips of their noises. Regardless of this fact the shark can still fossilize, the sharks begins to age and the calcium salts they pick up while being underwater helps strengthen their skeletal cartilage.

Shark has over 500 species

Sharks have more than 500 different species of the sharks. They’re all scattered across the ocean. These large sharp-toothed fish among the most dangerous.

Sharks have good eye-sight

Majority of sharks have the ability to see in any lighted area, they can also see in the night as well as recognize colors. The shark has a tissue that is considered a reflective layer, it is called the tapetum and helps them see in poorly lighted areas.

Sharks can be different sizes

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The shark can be found in a ton of different sizes the biggest size a shark can grow is up to 12 metres long known as the whale shark.

They can also be small as well other wise known as the dwarf lantern shark.

The shark embryos will sometimes attack one another

This is a interesting fact, the embryos as known to attack each other.

These attacks are known as intrauterine cannibalism, this is caused by the largest embryo eating it’s surrounding embryos.

Sharks have uniquely special organs

Sharks have these small black spots that is around their nose, eyes and mouth. These spots otherwise allow the shark to sense if they’re approaching electromagnetic fields.

Sharks live in ocean habitats

You can find most sharks living in tropical reefs, deep sea and the arctic ocean.

The longest fish in the world is a shark

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The shark can get up to 40ft long. The whale shark is the biggest shark and has the title as the largest fish in the sea.

They’re not spotted often, some people have encountered these huge sharks while swimming.

Sharks have tough skin

The shark skin can be said to feel remarkably close to sandpaper.

Sharks have been on earth for a long time

Fossils have been found in Australia and the US, this has helps scientists discover that sharks have been around in the ocean for over 455 million years.

The blue shark is actually blue

Most animals do not boast the color of their name much like the blue shark. It has an inspirational blue color to it’s upper body and snowy white stomach. Majority of sharks in the world are olive, gray or brownish color.

Different sharks have different teeth

The mako sharks have pointy teeth, while the white shark teeth is triangular shaped. The typical sandbar shark have nearly 35,000 teeth over it life span.

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