Get Help Paying Rent: 7 No-Shame Hacks

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What are you afraid of more than anything? Money is our main means, which makes it possible to live a full life. Butwhen this resource is not enough, almost all aspects of our lives suffer. One of the main problems that are associated with cash spending is the issue of paying for housing. So, we will analyze a few options for how to cope with the current situation and make some money for saving your home.

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How to Solve a Housing Rental Issue And Benefit From It?

Each of us needs to learn that asking for something is not bad. The main thing is to observe exceptional courtesy and unobtrusiveness. People are all different, but, all of them cannot read your mind. That is why we were given the ability to speak. So, in order to solve the problem, you need to talk.After all, everyone can get into a very unpleasant situation, regardless of own actions. If you were left completely without money and the opportunity to pay for housing, consider these 7 tips that will help you get out of the situation.

1. Drink Coffee and Earn Extra Money with Doordash

Do you think about how many coffee houses are in your city? Most likely, they are countless. Coffee houses are one of the most sought-after establishments today and it will help you with the solution of the issue of rent. Perhaps this is a little strange and does not fit in your head, but it’s true.

Do you ask how it works? Doordash unites all the coffeeshopsof your city into one large network and offers you to become a part of it. All you need is to check the application while you are in the coffee shop. There you can find all the active orders that need to be delivered. Choose the one that is close to your own way and earn extra money. That is, you get coffee, plus a morning walk, plus payment. Isn’t that the perfect scenario?

Of course, you can do it not only in the morning. Orders are received through the application every minute, and therefore you can choose numerous orders at any time that fit you. Explore the list of coffee shops that work with the app and rather run to earn money for rent. In just a week you can getabout $650.

2. Save and Pay Rent with Swagbucks

How to save when there is no money anyway, and you still need to buy products in order to have something to eat? Swagbucks offers you not to pay for food at all, but to transfer all the money saved to pay for the rental. How is this possible? The application pays people with food. More precisely, you receive some gift certificates for products from completely different chain stores. Having earned such cards, you will not need to bother at all with the purchase of products.

Getting gift cards is easy enough. Login into the application, you can see the list of paid tasks that must be completed. The most common tasks are viewing movie trailers, previews for games, and also writing some feedback and opinions, according to services or products that you used. This is great way to put aside money for rent and have a tasty meal, right?

3. Mistplay For Those Who Love Team Games

How often do you compete with friends in games? But, now, for all the time you spend in the game, you can get good bonuses. Imagine that you play with friends in “Words WithFriends 2”. You have fun for several hours, have a noisy time together, and after assuring you see that special gift cards are available for you. Your joy has no limits, right? Go to the application and check the list of games for which you will receive special bonuses. You will find your favorite games because the choice in the application is wide enough. Spend your bonuses on gift cards from a wide variety of stores (groceries, clothing, etc.), and save money on rent.

4. Every Receipt Turns Profitable With Fetch Rewards

Who believes that a receipt is one of the most useless pieces of paper? So Fetch Rewards is ready to challenge this statement and show that each receipt can turn into a delicious meal for your dinner. Save every receipt that you received in the store for your purchases, and then scan it using the application. The app will show the total number of bonuses in your account, as well as all available options for exchanging bonuses for gift cards. Keep track of filling in the number of bonuses and choose the stores of interest in which you can exchange accumulated stars. Transfer the money you save on purchases to your landlord. Cut off your debt on rent quickly, simply and tastefully!

5. Test Your Luck with Lucktastic

How venturesome are you? But what if someone tells you that you don’t have to spend a cent to gamble? Try your luck without committing absolutely any loss from your pocket. The Lucktastic app gives daily odds of winning that reach $10,000. Isn’t that impressive? In addition to the instant “jackpot”, each participant can win special bonuses that can be exchanged for cards of various stores of different directions. Get not only money for rent, but also the necessary things as a gift, and keep the saved dollars for rent.

6. Get A Neighbor – Save On Housing

If you live alone and understand that rents are at stake this month, know that this is solvable. Finding a permanent neighbor can be a good option, but if you like to live alone, then this is not quite what you need. A great option is travelers. They always need a safe place to spend one or more nights. Airbnb is a service specifically for finding this kind of housing.

● Register and submit your offer;
● Accept or decline requests depending on how comfortable you are;
● Discuss the cost of housing and get ready to spend fun evenings in the company of new people because such people are rarely bored.

Do Not Be Afraid To Speak With The Landlord

If you still couldn’t save or earn extra money to pay the rent, and today is the day X contact your landlord openly. Try to explain the situation and ask for a deferred payment. Your landlord must be a good person, and he/she will be able to understand the situation. Of course, it’s best not to put off the conversation on the last day of the payment. Read your lease to be aware of all the features of the eviction procedure from a rented house in the case a landlord’s refusal of your requests. If you have problems reading the contract, you can use Online Writers Rating writing service reviews, which will help you to correctly understand the document

Summing Up

No matter how difficult the situation is, you can always find several options for getting out of it. The main thing is not to be afraid to ask. People do not bite you and in most cases, they will be happy to assist you.

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