Get Rid of Nasty Smells in Your Home Once and for All

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We are constantly surrounded by various types of smells, both in our homes and everywhere outside of it. The majority of smells are easy to identify, whether they are nice or unpleasant. However, if you notice there’s a nasty odor in your home that’s been there for some time and you can’t find what’s causing it, it’s better to react soon. These tips will give you some suggestions on what the smell could be and how to get rid of it

1. Smoky smell or burnt smell

If you smell smoke but you haven’t been using the kitchen, it’s necessary to inspect the fixtures in your home. There may not be an obvious fire but there could be something happening behind the walls or some electrical appliance. You may smell it when you pass a light fixture, too. So, check all the fixtures, plugs and outlets both inside and outside the house. Maybe you’ll notice one of them sparkling or turning black. Call an electrician at once and don’t plug anything in.

2. Moldy odor

This may be the most frequent smell in a home. It can be difficult to identify but it’s usually a sign of water leakage or a damp item inside the home. Maybe it’s a broken pipe or a clogged sink. The biggest problem is that it can be very dangerous for your health, especially if you’re prone to allergies or suffering from asthma. Some types of mold are harmless (they just smell bad) but other aren’t – you don’t won’t to wait long enough to find out. Check out all of your plumbing fixtures carefully and call a plumber if necessary. To prevent future mold growth, install quality ventilation in rooms with high moisture.

3. Bad bathroom smell

In case you smell a disgusting odor coming from your bathroom (more precisely, the sewage), you could be in for big trouble. You may have a burst U-shaped pipe or a dried-up P-trap under the sink or the shower. It holds a small amount of water blocking the sewer gas. Plumbing professionals like those at Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting may give you more information on what has caused it but the most important thing is not to try to solve this on your own. It is safer if a professional unclog the drain.

4. A smell of nasty decomposition

There aren’t many odors that get as bed as odors from a pet living in your home. Dogs can cause really awful smells, especially if you haven’t cleaned him for a while. However, if you don’t have a pet (at least not one that you’re aware of!), then you may be smelling the fishy animal waste. This sort of smell usually comes from raccoons, rodents and squirrels that sometimes inhabit your attic or basement. In case the smell really makes you sick, then you may have a dead animal jammed somewhere in the ventilation or plumbing system. Some people think that it’s the smell coming from the sewage but many times, it turns out to be a decomposing body of a dead animal. Do your best to identify the source of the smell, throw out all the debris and clean the area.

Final advice

Of course, there are many other nasty smells that you should not ignore for long, like a dirty litter box, burnt food in the kitchen, rotten eggs in the fridge and of course, the smell of gas. Even though you know exactly what’s causing them, you should react as quickly as possible to avoid potential consequences.

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