GM Sam Presti Says Paul George Trade Was Not Mutual

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GM Sam Presti Says Paul George Trade Was Not Mutual 1407459825


Sam Presti GM of the Oklahoma City Thunder spoke out during an interview about the team and the franchise direction.

“I think the world of PG. I think everybody knows that,” Presti said. “I know that he had used the term ‘mutual.’ I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that because that would infer that we were wanting to trade Paul George, which I think most people would agree that that probably wasn’t on the top of our offseason priority list.

But I would say that it was not adversarial at all, and I also fully respect the way that it was handled. And the fact that we were able to make it work in a way that benefited the franchise made it something that we could do.”

Paul George explained the trade differently. He seemed to believe both sides had a mutual agreement.

During his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder Paul George averaged 25 ppg, 6.9 rebounds & 3.7 assists.

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