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Tour Your Own City

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Many of us when planning a vacation are trying to get the farthest away from where we live,

but there can be so many unseen things to explore right in your own city,and it is also very budget friendly.

Visit National Parks

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Whether camping or visiting for the day this is a cheap way to enjoy a vacation away,and

national parks have some of the best views with many activities to enjoy such as

fishing, bike riding,trails,horse back riding and more depending on the park you choose.

Book A Cruise

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Not the cheapest option,but it is cheaper than a lot of other trips such as Disney World. Also If you book a last minute cruise you can score

a deal at half the price $300 for a 7 day cruise doesn’t sound bad right? Sites such as CruiseSheet and  expedia.com/cruises

shows deals on last minute cruises available for half the price.

Take A Cheap Flight To Your Destination

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If you already have a destination in mind save money on your flight by visiting sites like Momondo or Google Flights to get great

deals on flights.


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Ditch the hotel fees and feel at home wherever you go. Pick a destination and stay with airbnb you can rent a house for however

long you stay in pretty much any location you can think of the beach,the mountains

or even the dessert.

Rent An RV

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No matter where you travel to in an RV it feels like a vacation. Rent an Rv from sites such as

rvshare.com or cruiseamaerica.com and enjoy having all the amenities on the go.

Rent Out A Mansion

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If you have a big family and want the ultimate get away you can rent a mansion for cheaper than most hotels.

Check out these awesome mansions HERE and plan your next trip!

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