Here’s Why You Should Use Money Clips

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As the times have changed, so have our accessories with them. While money clips used to be the only money-holding option for decades, wallets slowly took over and became the most essential accessories we simply could imagine our life without. But are they actually a better and more convenient option? Arguably, money clips offer the accessibility and elegance that a wallet simply can’t, and here are some reasons why you should start using them as well:

Money clips fit into any pocket

Even though wallets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes nowadays, they can still feel quite big and bulky when they’re placed in the pocket of your trousers or a slim-fit blazer, especially if they’re filled with cash and a number of cards. This can end up being quite noticeable, ultimately ruining the look of an otherwise formal or smart suit, for instance.

On the other hand, money clips can fit anywhere without adding unseemly bulk, whether it’s the pocket of your trousers or even your vest. They’re thin and light enough to allow your outfit to look smooth and polished, while also being practically unnoticeable, both by you and other people.

They help to keep you organized

The minimalism of a money clip is one of the biggest advantages of owning one. As there is simply no room for trash and other unnecessary items, you won’t be holding receipts you don’t need, extra cards you don’t use, and other items that simply make a mess and get in your way, as you most likely do with wallets.

A money clip can only hold your ID, a business card, and enough cash to get you through the day. While this might seem a bit drastic when first switching from a wallet, the truth is that you don’t actually need anything more than cash and a couple of cards to stay organized and prepared on a daily basis.

Money clips are sleek and elegant

Another good reason to use money clips is their often slim, elegant and sleek design. Apart from seamlessly fitting into any pocket or bag, a money clip will also look quite attractive when it’s pulled out. This can be especially true if you opt for metal money clips with a simple design and a deep, dark shade, as their mere style looks like a fashionable accessory suited to any man.

What’s more, money clips tend to hold raw power and unmatched energy. As they’re not in such widespread use now as they used to be, anyone who pulls out a wad of cash in a money clip from their pocket instead of a wallet is automatically seen as a wealthy and powerful person.

They are accessible and customizable

Just like they fit anywhere effortlessly, money clips are also among the most accessible accessories you could own. All you have to do is pull the clip out of your pocket, take a few bills out to pay, and easily put the change back in. The days of holding the line at the register trying to find items in your wallet will be long gone.

Similarly, as most money clips are made out of metal or carbon fiber, they can easily be customizable with a selection of colors or even by engraving your initials. Such a personalized clip undoubtedly makes for a unique accessory that helps you easily stand out from the crowd.

They might be safer than wallets

In case you live in a big, crowded city where pickpocketing is an everyday occurrence, you’ve probably witnessed people losing not only their money but also their identity when their wallets are stolen. With a money clip, there’s little chance of that happening.

If you only carry cash in a money clip, and your cards in a cardholder in another pocket, for example, you can rest assured that your ID and credit cards remain perfectly safe, and there’s no chance of identity theft, even if the small amount of cash on the clip ends up being stolen.

Whether it’s security, convenience or design, a money clip combines the best of all aspects, and allows you to look professional and put-together at all times, which is why you should undoubtedly consider using it instead of a wallet.

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