Home Improvement: Tips and Tactics for Summer Home Maintenance

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Home Improvement: Tips and Tactics for Summer Home Maintenance

Summer, the beautiful season made for ice cold drinks and the blazing heat. It is no secret that summertime is almost everyone’s favorite time of year. People, kids in particular, now have all the reasons and all the time to simply lounge at home and create memories and bond with the family. This is why it is of utmost importance that we prepare our homes not only for the incoming heat but also for the fun-filled days our children will be spending at home. So here are a few tips and tricks to help you out during this hot season. 

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Indoor home improvement tips and tactics 

  1. Prepare your air conditioning system. It is best that you get your air conditioning system serviced. This is just to ensure that everything is working well and that you would not be left with no cooling system to beat the incoming heat. This also guarantees that your air conditioner will last you a long, long time.
  2. Do a smoke detector test. Smoke detectors are useful for every season, however, they come in most handy during the summer. If you need to change your batteries, do so. 
  3. Check your fans. As an alternative or a back up for your air conditioning system, make sure your fans are working well. Clean them if you have to. You can also change the way that your fan turns. This way you get cooler air spreading in your homes. 
  4. Clean and unclog your bathroom drains. Since summer is such a hot season, it is given that people at home will take more showers or baths. So make sure your drains are not clogged and clean them as much as you can. Also, make sure that you clean or change your shower heads
  5. Wipe the baseboards of your home. With the summer heat comes dust covered homes. This is why cleaning your baseboards with a damp rug is the best way to go. You can also mix in a bit of soap to ensure that your baseboards are really clean.
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Outdoor Home Improvement tips and tactics

Since the summer calls for a ton of outdoor activities, make sure your home is ready for all of them. 

  1. Wash your porch. Most likely your visitors and kids would love to lounge on your front porch with a pitcher of cold lemonade and a plate of sandwiches. This is why keeping your porch clean is a priority. You can sweep and dust off your porch and then wash it with soap and water. 
  2. Wash your windows. Since you are going to be leaving your windows open for most of the time, keeping them clean is essential too. Dust them off and then scrub them with warm water and soap. This will make sure that your windows are shiny.
  3. Clean your grills. Summertime is barbecue time. Make sure that your outdoor grill is a barbecue ready by cleaning it. 
  4. Make sure to install garage door openers. We usually take for granted the convenience garage door openers give us. Imagine simply pressing a button and opening your garage, right? It takes less time and less effort. 
  5. Get in-ground basketball hoops. Since your kids will be at home most of the time, make sure to make your yard more enjoyable for them. Getting an in-ground basketball hoop will ensure that they also have fun while keeping themselves fit. 
  6. Clean your pools. If you have a pool, make sure that you clean it regularly. Since the heat will make everyone want to soak and have a blast in the pool, it is very necessary that it is kept clean. 
  7. Gardening. If you already have a garden, it is best to add more colorful flowers. Since the sun is at its peak, your garden can bloom. The variety of colors will definitely make your home better. 
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Although we have given you a lot of tips and tactics to help improve and maintain your homes during the summer, we wish to give you one more. Enjoy. Summers are meant for barbecues with friends, drinks and fun-filled days. We want to ensure that you create more memories and bonds during this beautiful season. We also want to ensure that you not only maintain the beauty of your homes but also improve it. Our homes are where we all spend most of our days, summer or not. So it is only reasonable that we want it to be beautiful and well maintained. 

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