Homework Tips: How to Write an A Grade Essay in One Day

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Homework Tips: How to Write an A Grade Essay in One Day

Did you leave your essay writing until the last minute? Don’t worry, it’s not completely lost – you can solve your problem in two ways. The first way is to get help from an essay writing service that can help you quickly. The second way is to follow our tips.

I do not recommend writing an essay in one day, but the good news is that it is doable. You can meet the deadline with our tips and even write an essay that your professor will like. Stay calm and read these tips on how to quickly write an essay.

  • Start with a breakfast

Cereal is the perfect breakfast to fuel your mind. The energy that it gives will help prevent a midday downturn while you are working on your essay. Don’t like cereal much? Don’t worry, it is not the only brain food that will stimulate you to write a great paper quickly. You can find lots of information about the best brain foods.

Of course, you may want to inject coffee into your veins, buy you should try to avoid caffeine early on. Caffeine is essentially the opposite of cereal’s slow-releasing energy, and you may lose that quick energy boost in a few hours.

  • Choose the best place for work

It’s better to choose a quiet spot where you won’t be bothered. You should know for sure whether you work better at home or in the library, but don’t choose a place where you have never worked before. You must be sure that you will be comfortable and you can concentrate on writing as long as possible.

Be organized and make sure your laptop works stably, get a bottle of water, a notebook if necessary, and some snacks. This will help you not to be distracted from the task.

  • Turn off your phone

One of the worst enemies of a student is procrastination. Turn off the phone and do not give in to the desire to check social media. Do you think you can’t do it yourself? Ask a friend to change your passwords in social media for one day.

  • Make a schedule

Time management is very important when you have one day to write an essay. Assign sets of time for yourself to reach certain stages. This breaks down a big difficult task and provides additional motivation each time you complete a relatively small task.

For example, let’s say that it is 9 am, and your essay should be submitted tomorrow morning. If you’re curious about how to write essays quicker, here is a suitable 14-hour timeline that you can follow:

  • 9 AM – 9:30 AM: select an essay topic and think about your general argument
  • 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM: make an outline of the essay
  • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM: clarify your introduction
  • 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: examine citations and links to support your arguments
  • 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM: take a break for lunch
  • 1:30 PM – 5 PM: write the draft of the essay
  • 5 PM – 6 PM: take a break for dinner
  • 6 PM – 10 PM: proofread and edit your essay
  • 10 PM – 10:30 PM: print out (if necessary) and prepare everything for the morning

Remember to plan a few 10-minute breaks after each 50-60 minutes of work on your essay. Resting your brain is key to maintaining a general level of productivity, and stretching or doing short exercises will also help.

  • Work with sources

If your essay requires large amounts of factual information, you need to work with the sources correctly. Do not rush to mindlessly copy information from Wikipedia. If you access this resource, then only do so for the links section. It is best to find the information you need in the scientific literature and original scientific articles. But even in this case, take a critical approach to information, because many books were written even hundreds of years ago and could lose their relevance. Scientific research could be carried out in order to find confirmation of a particular theory, and not reveal the truth, from which they lose their impartiality.

If for some reason you left essay writing for the last day, these tips will help you to manage it on time. Many students will find them helpful if they want to meet the deadline. Remember this post when you need to write an essay in a single day!

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