How Mental Health Affects Your Work

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Mental health issues cause the most disability in the productivity of workers worldwide. Despite the many efforts by World Health Organizations, the graph climbs exponentially.

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But how can something so personal cause such issues of productivity and cost the industry billions of dollars?

Mental health comprises depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolarity, and any other shortcomings that keep you functioning properly. With so much to settle in your head, it becomes a daunting task to manage your life and work on top of that.

The leading causes of mental health issues at work are stressful environments. If you are working on a floor full of people that feel like a fish market, no wonder you can’t focus. Other than that, a nosy co-worker, overinvolved boss, or even longer commutes to the office contributes to stress.

Such stress-factors, if left unchecked, will eventually grow into many severe issues for you in life. You may end up losing your job because of your unsatisfactory performance and might get rifts in your personal life as everything starts falling apart.

Your mental health issues may be worsening if you find it harder and harder to focus and work. And perhaps you should see a professional therapist to ensure the best care. But if your productivity swings and shows less cause for concern, you can still improve it to reach your maximum productivity at work.

Here are some of the handpicked methods to keep your mental health in check, regardless of how stressful the work environment might get.

Take Short Breaks From Work

Working on something that catches your interest doesn’t feel like work. You can go on for hours and days without stressing out. But when it is the usual paperwork and something that you have to sleepwalk through, working at a single stretch can get very stressful.

The rule of keeping a ratio of 45 to 15 always works best. That is working for 45 minutes straight and taking a 5-15 minutes timeout after each cycle. During the timeout, it is even better if you change your surroundings.

For example, going for a short walk in the aisle of the office, catching up on a coworker about something important, or getting yourself a refill of water/coffee/tea instead of asking the janitor to do it.

By doing this, you stop something building up in your mind. Also, you can do much more in the time given to you. Your brain stays fresh, and you can concentrate on your work even better. And most of all, it stops your work from being monotonous, because that is one of the root causes of stress and anxiety for many people.

Snacks And Supplements

Keeping your blood sugar regulated is not only essential for physical health and performance but also mental. The best way you can guarantee yourself that is by having a fulfilling breakfast with leafy greens, lean protein, and slow-digestive carbs.

These give you a sustained flow of energy instead of the spikes you get from coffee and sweets. Because once the effect wears off, which is short term, you are left even more depleted of energy.

You can use supplements like fish oil and kratom for energy from to help enhance your focus at work. And it also enables you to be less dependent on coffee or sweets to get boosts of energy.

Planning your snacks smartly and avoiding junk food will further improve your performance and, at work, reduce stress and anxiety. Going for a banana, oats, yogurt, or dry fruit for your snacks will give you the energy you need that won’t wear off as quickly as junk food.

Go Easy On The Coffee And Midday Drinks

While we all agree how helpful a cup of coffee can be when work stretches for hours, we also know how much it induces hyperactivity. Initially, the hyperactivity is all good as you get a wake-up call and an instant boost of energy.

But as you get used to several cups of coffee during a day, you compromise your sleep cycle and start entangling yourself in negative thoughts. Only stick to your morning cup of coffee and save the second cup for the days when you really need it. And that too before noon because coffee after noon interferes with your sleep and reduces the quality.

You don’t drink alcohol when at work, nothing calls for it, really. But did you know that your daily sleep remedy of honey and whiskey grows into your next day and alters your productivity?

The hangover from alcohol puts a barrier in your brain functioning, and it may take you half a day to reach complete sobriety. And what good is it then when you have more work to do in even less time?

Quitting alcohol altogether is the best that you can do for so many reasons. But being a realist, at least limit it to the weekends. Whenever you go out with friends on a Friday night, drink cocktails or have shots, whatever you like.

Because you will have a whole day off for recovery the next day and won’t compromise your work and productivity

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