How Students Can Write An Excellent Essay For College

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Every phase of your college admission is fundamental. However, a great college application essay is one of the most integral features of the admission process. This is because it is one of the final information pieces that can influence the decision of the admission officers. Additionally, it is the only part of your application which you have total control over. Moreover, your paper is the only part of your college application that has the guarantee to be unique and outstanding. Apart from helping you to join the college institution you have been dreaming about, a perfect college essay can help gain a scholarship(s), financial aid and a grant(s). Thus, you need to invest time and learn how to craft a memorable college essay that will pay rich dividends. 

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When reading your essay, college admission officers often put a significant interest in your test scores and high school grades. But, selective learning institutions receive applications from several worthy students from different walks of life with corresponding grades and scores. And since this is a significant number of students to admit, they consider reading your essay alongside your recommendation letters as well as have a look at your extracurricular activities. This helps them to identify what distinguishes you from the other applicants. So, you need to ensure that you deliver a top-notch article that will guarantee you an opportunity in that school. If you do not know how to go about it, consider the following college essay writing tips.

Start with a brainstorm

The first step in writing your college essay is brainstorming. You need to come up with as many ideas as possible which will help you to address your college essay prompt. This stage of essay writing is more tedious than the actual writing process. You need to flesh out all the possible ideas that will help simplify the writing process for you once you begin writing. Additionally, it will help comprehend the direction you are taking with your essay topic. But, with the following steps, the brainstorming process does not have to be time-consuming and tedious.

  • Reflect. From your past experiences and encounters, pick up something specific and interesting that you can write about. 
  • Jot down all the ideas. Note down all the ideas you are able to gather or remember from these experiences. 
  • Narrow down your options. Select the few concepts which you believe are ideal for your college essay prompt. 
  • Select a story to tell. From your options, select one story to tell which you will have enough details to back it up. 

Share your personal story

Your personality, background, and interests are unique. And this is your opportunity to share your story with the audience. So, draft something which has not only been personal and thoughtful but is also significant to you. Embrace honesty and authenticity while at it as this will help your outstanding qualities to shine through. But, if you doubt your academic writing skills, order a paper from a CustomEssayOrder writing service. 

Create an outline

After the brainstorming process, you know what you need to have in your paper.  But, you need to figure out how you will jot it down. And, that is where an outline comes in handy. Draft an outline that will partition your essay into sections.

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  • Let it have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Following this procedure will make your paper fluent and easy to read. 
  • Figure out how will open your essay. The tone of your paper ought to correspond to your ideas. 
  • Do not alter your writing style and voice in the paper. If you plan your essay layout early, you will not have to adjust your writing style. 

Structuring your college essay

An ideal essay structure will attract the attention of the reader. Seeing that you have good organization skills, the admission officer(s) will develop an interest in reading your essay. So, ensure that your college essay has a good essay structure that adheres to the standards of college essay writing. 

Brush up your grammar and spelling

You are bound to make mistakes when writing your paper. And if you are not certain whether you will produce an error-free article, you need to ask for help from professional writing service. The experts here can revise your paper and omit the errors hence making it error-free.  

Use specific examples

When writing your papers, provide the audience with some examples which will them understand your article better as well as relate to it. This way, they will want to learn more about you and the strategies you embrace to handle certain issues or problems. 

Pose a question the reader wants answered

Essays ought to engage the mind of the readers. And for you to engage them, you need to pose a question that they want a response for. However, coming up with a thought-provoking question may be hard. But, you need not fret about it. If you want a coherent response in your article, just clarify what you need and will write it for you in a jiffy. 

Do not focus exclusively on the past

Also, when writing your college article, your focus should not be on past events. You can also share with the audience about your recent experiences and the lessons you were able to learn or the motivation that you got. Focusing on the past for a bigger part of your paper will make it boring and the reader may lose interest with ease. 


After writing your paper, go through it and ensure that it corresponds to all the writing standards and requirements. Additionally, you need to ensure that it is error-free and has a smooth flow. Once you are content with it, you can forward it to the admission officers. 

In conclusion, writing a college application essay may be a challenge for many students as they want to join their dream colleges but have poor writing skills. If you are one of them, do not worry much about it. You can seek professional writing help or consider the tips above and learn how to write an essay. 

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