How To Be The Best Groom Ever

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In today’s day and age, where personal choice and autonomy are the order of the day and brides run riot, the popular belief has always been that wedding days are all about the bride. This fact is solidified by the numerous wedding blogs, and magazines out there that are designed to tell the bride how she can make her day super, duper special. But in essence, the groom matters too.

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Although wedding planning has always been a traditional affair orchestrated by the bride and her girls, there have been sweeping changes in recent times. While it is true that the bride will probably be at the helm of it all 70% of the time, a large number of weddings these days are planned jointly, by both the bride and groom.

For instance, it has become quite common these days for the groom to request to be involved in the preparations as modern grooms are no longer happy just playing a supportive role. Even foodie grooms that are anal about what they eat take a special interest in the food, as well as the wedding cake.

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There is absolutely no reason why the groom should not get his hands as dirty as the bride when planning a wedding. As such, if you are a groom that is looking to step up to the plate and immerse yourself fully in the process, here are some tips to help you be the best groom ever:

Decide to make your bride’s life easier from the get-go

From the moment that you place that ring on her finger, you can be sure that your fiancée’s mind will likely be running wild with all the things that need doing before the big day, which is bound to leave her stressed out. Your mission as the groom is to try and make her life as easy as possible.

If there is anything that you can help with to take the pressure off her, do it. Don’t leave your bride to handle all the details, even if she insists that she can handle it on her own. Be involved from the word go and take initiative, just as long as your actions do not get in the way of the planning.

Be vocal about the things that matter to you

Certain things are the responsibility of the groom and then there are those things that are left for the bride to handle. In any stage of the planning process, if you feel like you need to speak up about something, particularly if it is important to you, make sure that you do.

For instance, if the bride wants to go wedding dress shopping with you, but you would prefer to save her dress and only see it for the first time on the big day, you have to make that known. Similarly, if there is something on the menu that you want to be removed or a guest that you want uninvited, ensure that you express your concerns because your feelings are valid.

Get involved in the registry selection

Picking things for your wedding registry may seem like a tedious task, but you must be involved especially if there are certain things that you would want to be included. It is common for brides to select most items from the kitchen department. 

However, if there is a plasma screen or some other fancy gadget that you want to include in your wish list, don’t be bashful about throwing it in there. Who knows? Your friends that know you and understand your needs just might buy it for you, so there is no harm in trying.

Organize yours and your groomsmen’s outfits

Whether you are planning on renting, buying off the rack or creating bespoke outfits, it is your job as the groom to make sure that your boys’ outfits are together. You can choose every detail of the outfits yourself from the type and color of the fabric down to the fit. However, you should also take into account your groomsmen’s opinions.

If you can, try and make sure that all the outfits are done and ready 3 to 4 weeks before the big day. To show your appreciation, consider purchasing some of the accessories such as your groomsmen’s socks yourself and surprise your team with them on the morning of your nuptials. 

Don’t forget the groomsmen’s gifts

As a token of appreciation for their relenting support and friendship, it is a good idea to organize a gift for the members of your wedding party. This one element of the wedding planning that you and your partner can take part in together. 

The gifts that you select do not have to be over the top, something personalized such as this custom star map from Twinkle in Time or engraved hip flasks will do. Whatever you choose to give as gifts, make sure that you make them individual to each member of the wedding party so that they can know how much thought you put into the selection process.

Plan the honeymoon

Some couples opt to do the planning together. However, this is also a great opportunity for the groom to take charge and surprise the other party. Planning a honeymoon is not something that you should save for the last minute. 

For the honeymoon to be a success, you will need to plan seriously, taking time to research the accommodation and destination choices available. If it all seems like too much for you, try and solicit the assistance of a reliable travel agent that can help you put together the perfect getaway for you and your bride.

Final Thoughts

Although the bride is constantly being told that the wedding day is her special day, which is true by all means, the truth is that the groom matters as well. Though most grooms may not be interested in planning every detail, it doesn’t mean that their requests, preferences, and interests should not be taken into account. 

Integrating special elements that have been selected by the groom on his big day can ensure that both partners feel equally heard and represented on the most important day of their lives.

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