How To Brew The Perfect Coffee While Camping

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Most Americans starting the morning with a steaming cup of joe are non-negotiable; camping shouldn’t be any different!
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When it comes to outdoor coffee adventures, your location shouldn’t determine your ability to make fantastic coffee! Here’s how to make coffee while camping.  

Different grinds for different folks. 

When it comes to coffee making, there are many options, even while camping, from pour-over to percolating espressos. There is an option for everyone. Look at a few tried and tested methods for making the best brew in the camping world. 

French press – This method is perhaps one of the easiest; when it comes to coffee, put the grounds into the press, pour in your water, and allow to steep for a while, and press the plunger down. 
Percolation – A quick way to get a strong and robust coffee, the water percolates through the coffee grounds and produces a strong brew. 
Pour-over drip coffee – The pour-over method is almost as easy as making instant coffee. Slowly pouring water over coffee grounds and allowing the coffee to drip through a filter into a cup or coffee pot beneath. No wonder this is a camping favorite.
Cowboy coffee – This method can be a little tricky to get right the first time, and if done wrong, cowboy coffee can leave you with a mouthful of bitter coffee grounds. 
Camping coffee bags – homemade coffee bags, finely weaved pieces of material that holds ground coffee with a string. The bag sits inside your cup and steeps or brews; you remove it and empty the bag when your coffee is the right strength. 
Instant coffee – While this might not be the first choice for coffee fanatics, it is the simplest. The trick to making somewhat great instant coffee that a coffee lover will appreciate is not burning the brew! 

Tools for brewing great coffee! 

Camping coffee doesn’t require unplugging and lugging your favorite coffee machine out and up a mountain where electricity will be as scarce as a flying pig. Think simple and easy brews. Here are some tools for making the best cup of coffee while in the great outdoors. 

Gooseneck kettle 

These handy kettles have a long spouted neck that allows water to pour easily and seamlessly onto the grounds. The narrow spout tempers the water, so it doesn’t scorch the ground coffee beans.  

Some gooseneck kettles, like the ones over at Uno Casa, have built-in thermometers. A handy trick to making good coffee every time – don’t use water that is too hot; you can scorch the grounds, rendering the brew bitter. 

Gas camping stove 

The quickest and easiest way to make camp coffee is to invest in a gas camping stove. The continuous and even heat source make boiling water so much easier. These are suitable to use with gooseneck kettles, Moka pots, percolators, and of course, the classic water in a saucepan method of heating water. 

Camping coffee maker 

The choices are endless! Take into consideration your campsite’s location and the terrain you will be setting up camp in, with a special note of the resources that will be available. Will you be boiling water over a campfire, or will you make use of a gas stove? If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, try a Moka pot or an Aeropress

If quick and easy camp coffee brews are more up, your alley then consider investing in an all-in-one french press style camping mug. These allow you to pour your water over your grounds, replace the lid and slowly compress when your brew has rested for long enough. Sip your coffee as you hike up a mountain or float in a boat on the lake! 

Manual coffee grinder

The secret to all great things in life is freshness. Coffee is no exception! If you want to brew coffee with exceptional taste and hits the right spot every time, grind your beans as you need them! Manual grinders can take a little more effort; however, they don’t need batteries or electricity to work. Perfect for any campsite brew. 

Make sure you know how fine to grind your beans to suit your brewing method. Grinds require a small amount of tweaking for the ultimate brew. 

Your favorite camping safe mug 

Picking the right mug is essential. Camping is not as sophisticated as a high tea, so it only makes sense that you need a sturdy and robust mug. If you can drop your cup without it breaking, it might be a winner! 

The Ultimate Camping brew!


8 oz water, boiled
2 tbsp ground coffee 

Method: Pour over coffee maker and a gooseneck kettle method. 

Boil the water to boiling point in the gooseneck kettle. Remove from heat and set aside. 

Place a paper filter in the bowl of the pour-over coffee maker. Pour water into the filter to remove any papery flavor from the filter.  

Set the coffee maker over the coffee mug. Add the coffee grounds to the filter. Slowly pour water over the coffee grounds with the kettle, moving the kettle in a circular motion. Allow the coffee to bloom; grounds will begin blooming in the coffee maker. 

Allow the water to filter through for 30 seconds, slowly pouring the remaining water over the grounds in a circular motion. Pour slowly to achieve the best flavor and aromatic balance. 

Slowly wins the race!

The perfect cup of joe takes practice to perfect and time to make. Finding the ideal method for your camping coffee is trial and error. The best advice anyone can take when making coffee is to stop to smell the beans and turn your grind into meditation; good coffee is worth the effort. 

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