How To Fix Water Damage To Your Electronics

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Water damage happens when you least expect it, but don’t panic we have some tips for fixing water damage to your electronics.


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Take your phone out of the water immediately.
Make sure your phone is turned off it was on.
If you had a case on your phone remove it to get rid of any of the moisture that might be trapped inside the case.
Remove the Sim Card.
Use a cloth that soaks up water well to completely dry your phone.
Grab some cotton around a tooth pick to insert into the charging port and headphone jack to remove any water from there.
There have been claims that putting your phone in a bag of rice will absorb the water, but this has not worked for many.
Let your phone air dry in a warm place for about 24 – 48hrs the longer you wait the better.
Each iPhone has a small indicator that tells repair technicians that the phone has received water damage. The indicator is a piece of plastic that

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turns red when it comes in contact with too much water. You can check this indicator yourself to see if your phone may be damaged. If there are still problems contact customer service.


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Turn off the device immediately.
Unplug it if it is plugged it.
Turn it upside down right away like the image below.

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Clean any spilled liquid with a lint free cloth that absorbs water.
Look at your keyboard ( some keyboards have water resistant keyboards)
Remove any liquid in the keyboard enclosure.
If your keyboard and or screen is sticky take a small very lightly damp cloth to give it a clean.
Learn how to ground yourself to avoid destroying a computer with electrostatic discharge.

Take apart the case if you are not able to clean the whole spill some spills can damage the circuit boards.
Use demonized water for water-soluble stains such as cola. Otherwise, rinse with alcohol then water.
Take any components that have residue and rinse them under water. Rinse as much as possible and carefully remove excess water.
Let your laptop  dry for 24 to 48 hours. While it is drying, place the laptop battery in uncooked rice.
You can dry with light heat but never use a blow dryer  as this will cause static problems and contaminate your laptop.
Once all parts are clean and dry re assemble your laptop and test to see if it works if it does not call customer service.


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Power down immediately.
Remove the battery.
Remove SIM card and dry it completely.
Place the tablet in a dry place or in uncooked rice or silica packets and encase your tablet in that let it dry for 48hrs.
Check the circuit boards, battery, and electronics for traces of water and clean them off with a cotton swab or cloth and Isopropyl alcohol.
Once you’ve thoroughly checked the device and ensured it is dry and clean, try turning it on.
If there are still problems contact customer service.

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