How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

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There are some home improvements that provide greater value than mere visual appeal. One of them is creating your very own zen space in your bathroom. Zen implies balance, harmony, and relaxation – a state of complete togetherness of body, mind and spirit. So if you are ready to enjoy a peaceful time of relaxation and harmony each day after a hard day’s work, here are some tips that can help you turn your bathroom into a spa.

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Add Exotic Scents

There are different ways to add sweet scents to your bathroom. You can use scented candles, incense or oil diffusers. Flameless candles are also available to prevent the risk of fire. These items come in different shapes and sizes to fit the decor and design of any bathroom.

To mimic the aromatherapy room in a spa, you can also add some fresh eucalyptus. A few branches will produce a nice scent in a small bathroom. You can even tie a bundle of eucalyptus to your shower head. This will allow the steam from the shower to pick up the aroma and spread it throughout the bathroom. 

De-clutter Your Bathroom

Clutter usually induces stress. If you walk into your bathroom and see numerous decor pieces or all your hygiene products scattered all over, it can cause a feeling of anxiousness. You want to be able to keep this space as clean as possible, so unless you already have it, you’d want to use a cabinet to store all your hygiene products and other bathroom necessities. If the cabinets aren’t enough, you can also consider installing some floating shelves on your bathroom wall. Make sure to match the overall bathroom scheme when choosing these. 

Add Warm Colors

Do not underestimate the power of color and the effect it can have on our overall mental state. While traditional white is always going to be an easy choice for most, the latest trends in bathrooms are more about experimentation and moving away from the norm. Just remember, that you want the space to have a feeling of airiness and calm. Avoid reds that can make you feel hungry or aggressive and choose colors that will positively boost your mood and help you to relax. The following colors are a few worth considering for your makeover:

* Pink: Pink calms your nerves and creates an atmosphere of peace. Feng Shui believers even use pink to soothe the internal energy in a room. Lighter tones of pink look beautiful in any bathroom and have a great calming effect.

* Gray: Gray is a neutral color that can be quite soothing. Light gray tones work best and they can also compliment other colors.

* Blue: Blue helps to reduce emotional tension and stress. There are different shades of blue so choose the lighter ones that are soft and neutral.

* Green: Green gives you the feeling that you in a natural environment. It is visually soothing and it helps you to feel calm and refreshed. Having the right green tones in your bathroom (along with a number of plants) can work towards creating an atmosphere akin to that of being outdoors in a park or garden. 

If you plan to refresh your bathroom paint regularly, you need to select furniture with neutral or wooden tones that will always blend with your chosen new shade.

Improve Your Lighting

Lighting can do wonders for any room in the house and can be particularly effective in the bathroom. Avoid using normal, exposed light bulbs that give off a very bright light. Replace them with less powerful, opaque bulbs and bathroom lighting fixtures that produce a softer light and create a more intimate atmosphere. Additionally, for an even greater amount of control, you can also use a dimmer to perfectly adjust the intensity of the light to match your mood. And, of course, you can turn off all the lights entirely and use either normal or scented flameless candles when you need optimum relaxation.

Add the Soothing Sound of Water

The sound of water streaming from a fountain can be quite soothing and relaxing. You can find a variety of water fountains to suit your budget. From tabletop fountains that you can place on your sink to larger fountains you can install on one of your bathroom walls, you can find a solution that is affordable and easy to install. 

Warm Your Bathroom Floor

No one likes to step on a cold tile at any point, and especially not so after a long hard day. Having a nice bathroom rug can keep your feet warm and comfortable. Having a nice rug can add an extra layer of luxury to your home spa. While there are countless options available out there, depending on your overall design, you can even get a little adventurous and place a kilim rug in there, to make your bathroom really stand out.

Add Fancy Towels

Your towels will always be visible if you are using a small bathroom. This automatically makes them part of your bathroom decor. So investing in some good looking quality towels will help add that extra level of luxury to your personal oasis. You can also change your towel storage to a wooden stand instead of using a traditional towel bar. It is a good place to keep the fancy towels you buy and it further adds to the natural feel of the space.

Those are some of the suggestions that you can implement in the creation of your home-made bathroom oasis. The important thing to remember is, you don’t need a bag full of money or plenty of space to turn your bathroom to a place that is inviting, calm and beautiful. Be creative with your choices, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and soon you will be able to experience the peace you desire without ever having to leave your house.

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