The Incredible Evolution of Apple’s iPhone [Infographic]

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Smartphones are the first thing we see in the morning, after its alarm wakes us up and it’s often the last thing we see at night, while checking emails or social media before falling asleep. 

It’s possible to look at the past decade and imagine it without smartphones – when they went mainstream, created billion-dollar businesses, changed the existing industry and transformed the world.

When thinking about the smartphone industry there’s one particular brand that comes to mind: Apple. Since its launch in 2007 iPhone has become a trendsetter for the generation. Apple’s market capitalization reached new highs in 2020, as the company enjoyed new successes, launched the iPhone 12 series and set new goals for the future.

What has made the iPhone become so popular and successful?

Let’s take a look at the Apple iPhone’s incredible evolution over the years with its unique features and generation-defining properties that changed the course of technological advancement as we know it.

The Incredible Evolution of Apple#8217;s iPhone [Infographic] 174331387

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