James Harden Avoids Cornea Damage In Game 2

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James Harden Avoids Cornea Damage In Game 2

The Houston Rockets are going up against the Golden State Warriors and the guard nearly suffered an injury to the eye.

Harden will most likely play in the upcoming game 3 of the NBA semifinals.

Currently the Rockets are headed into game 3 with a 2 game deficit, Harden nearly got injured in his left eye after Green nearly hit him in the eye.

“It hurt,” Harden said. “I could barely see. Just try to go out there and do what I can to help my teammates. It’s pretty blurry right now. Hopefully it gets better day by day.

“Can’t see nothing. Barely can see.”

Green apologized to Harden for the potential injury and wanted to make sure he knew it wasn’t anything personal. The Rockets will play the Golden State Warriors on May 4 for the upcoming game 3.

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