Jayson Tatum Injures Ankle While Playing For Team USA

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Jayson Tatum Injures Ankle While Playing For Team USA

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum injured his ankle during teams USA’s 93-92, win over Turkey.

Tatum will not be eligible to be re-evaluated until Sept 9, Tatum is considered a key piece to team USA and will be expected to return soon.

“I’m still pissed I missed the second one,” he said. “Then I wouldn’t have got hurt.” referring to a missed shot that he feels lead to his injury.

Japan will be the next opponents for team USA and will be in the final set of games, there is currently only team USA that has a chance to advance to the next round and Japan has no chance at winning.

USA will have a second round on Saturday in Shenzhen, which is not the elimination game but for the very first time America will face an elimination on Monday.

Jason Tatum is averaging 10 ppg and has been very competitive against teams.

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