Jimmy Butler Clashes With Head Coach Brent Brown

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Jimmy Butler Clashes With Head Coach Brent Brown 943562964

Source: ESPN

76ers starting guard Jimmy Butler is explaining multiple times to the coaching staff that he doesn’t feel the offense has good chemistry.

He’s constantly being vocal about how he see’s the flow of the current offensive system, Butler now feels the organization is being “disrespectful” towards his playing style.

Sources close to Butler know that his intense and straight-forward style can rub some people wrong and make the 76ers a little nervous about their future with the All-Star.

So far this season since the trade happened the Sixers are 15-6 when Butler plays, this is enough proof that he’s effective when he’s on the floor.

The trade was meant to create a big 3 that could challenge the Golden State Warriors with a team of Butler, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid which has been challenging for the coaching staff.

Coach Brown signed a extension in the offseason and remains a favorite amongst the management as well as around the league.

The Sixers are committed to winning this season and look to be willing to do anything to get the wins they need for a championship.

ESPN is reporting that Butler is hoping they’ll switch it up a bit and play with a more traditional style, Right now they’re playing a loose style basketball.

“What’s most — by a mile — lately, on my mind, is the growth of a team, and the cohesion and the ability to share in somebody else’s success,” Brown said after Tuesday’s victory over the LA Clippers. “The ability to communicate candidly, to coexist. That’s all I care about.” said the coach of the 76ers.

Rumors circulated that a recent video session was released that may have been a little too much and violated the normal player-coach disclosure.

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