Joel Embiid Has A Successful Surgery On His Finger

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Joel Embiid Has A Successful Surgery On His Finger

Joel Embiid has surgery on his finger that was a torn ligament.

The surgery was a success & his left hand made a serious setback for the Sixers.

Embiid is now up for the MVP award, the team is at a serious winning pace.

The center helps them while on the floor he will need to be re-evaluated in a couple weeks.

He may miss more time than the Phildephia 76ers have initially put off. The biggest issue the Sixers are facing is he and their current biggest star are not a great combination.

Ben Simmons told reporters that “I nearly threw up” the moment he saw his finger. The superstar center has been extremely consistent this year and making his team one of the top teams in the east.

The team’s winning a lot of their games, now they will need to change a lot of their team principles to make a push into a higher playoff spot than projected.

The 76ers have been one of those teams that aren’t known to play well without a center, now he’s going to be missing a lot of time and this will put a dent in their playoff hopes.

“We’re just different. I look at this as an opportunity. Nobody’s crying. This is not a ‘woe is me’ moment, not for me, at all. And not for my players. We’ll take what we have, and what we have, I love.”

The team was able to come up with a win without Embiid facing the Celtics and will most likely be capable of keeping the wins going for a while until he returns.

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