Joel Embiid Increases His Chances Of Being MVP

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Joel Embiid played crazy on Christmas day and impressed tons of basketball gurus while showcasing his ability to step up and take over a game.

The popular center put on a offensive display of skills and show he’d able to play under the rim to keep his team going.

Many people believe this is the version of Embiid we’ll see in the playoffs, he’s considered an all-star level player.

Can he lead his team to the playoffs and compete for a championship? This will be the next big questions everyone will be asking so far he looks prepared for the challenge.

“Like I said, I’ve been humble the whole season. You know who I am. You know, I’ve been chilling basically the whole season. You know I’m trying to make sure I get to the playoffs, finally healthy, and that’s my goal. So I’m gonna keep on doing whatever I’m doing, and when these guys need me, I’m gonna show up. But it’s all about the long term. You know I’m thinking about the playoffs, and when we get to that time, we’re gonna see a different side of me, but tonight was an example, so I just keep on building throughout the season and keep getting better. Once you get to the playoffs, we’re gonna see.” said Embiid.

The Sixers center put up 31 points, 11 rebounds & 3 assists against the competitive Milwaukee Bucks.

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