Karl-Anthony Towns At Top NBA Rumor Headlines

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Karl-Anthony Towns At Top NBA Rumor Headlines

Karl-Anthony Towns known as one of the NBA’s best basketball players has been a primary focal point in a ton of teams targets for the current season trades.

Rumors has been swirling that he isn’t happy in Minnesota and would like to be moved. The Timberwolves could be looking to see what they can get for him but, most likely will not rush anything they currently have him under a 5-year contract.

Currently Karl-Anthony Towns is out and hasn’t played in over 7 games, there is no set of time for him to return and the Timberwolves could be looking for alternative options to stay competitive in the playoff race.

The Suns are the top team that is considered for a potential landing spot for the popular Center. They could put together a package that includes Kelly Oubre Jr. along with other solid players and make themselves much more competitive while giving Minnesota a ton of relief with having an unhappy star.

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