Kawhi Leonard Says He Almost Signed With Lakers

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Kawhi Leonard was recently a free agent and drew tons of attention, primarily from Los Angeles Lakers and his former team Toronto Raptors.

He opened up about his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Leonard told reporters Paul George was the major move that sealed the deal. He & George decided it was best to team up instead of staying on their old teams.

Doc Rivers is excited to have them both as his team has grown stronger since he started with Chris Paul & Blake Griffin.

“I remember going, like, ‘Yessss!'” Rivers said. “And the security guard was like, ‘I got a feeling I know what that ‘yes’ is about.'”

Doc Rivers was at an upscale restaurant when he got the news.

Kawhi Leonard recently spoke with Yahoo sports about not signing with the Lakers or re-signing with the Raptors.

He was clear a out his decision and that he never intended “to screw anybody over.”

Kawhi Leonard won a NBA championship with the Toronto Raptors & was their MVP but, the oppurtunity to play with Paul George was one he couldn’t pass up.

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