Kellogg’s Releases Caticorn Cereal For A Magical Breakfast

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Cats and Unicorns, does it get any more magical than that? I think not! If your mornings could use a little more fun, than Kellogg’s new Limited-Edition Caticorn Cereal just may be what you’re looking for! The new colorful, mixed-berry cereal can be bought exclusively at Sam’s Club at the price of $5.98 for two boxes.

Kellogg#8217;s Releases Caticorn Cereal For A Magical Breakfast 627437700

The cereal, that was just released, also comes with edible glittery sparkles to make your breakfast even more magical! Caticorn cereal is only available at Sam’s Club, until March, then it will be released at other retailers through the end of April.

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