Kendrick Perkins Criticizes Kevin Durant For Joining Golden State Warriors

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Kendrick Perkins Criticizes Kevin Durant For Joining Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant has been receiving more blame for his decision to join Golden State Warriors. This time it’s his old friend Kendrick Perkins, He’s now a ESPN analyst and has lost a connection with his former favorite super star.

The center of OKC wrote on his Twitter wall that “KD lost in the second round without Russ when I was there. So what (does) that mean?” said Perkins.

Durant later responded on Twitter without the conversation going very far Perkins wrote “did the weakest move in NBA history”.

This conversations dates back to 2016, Durant decided it was best to move to Golden State and play for the Warriors.

Joining a all-star lineup of Steph Curry, Draymond Green & Klay Thompson. The squad quickly become the NBA title favorites.

Perkins has admitted that the conversation originally wasn’t to offend Kevin Durant “My whole argument wasn’t to shoot a slug at KD, my whole argument was to rightfully praise Russell Westbrook for what he deserves.”

Durant has responded on his Twitter about the situation with Perkins telling him his performance during their last few games together was not up to expectation.

“First of all, you left that organization for dead. You thought when you left that organization that it would go to nothing. And Russell Westbrook kept that organization afloat…he never missed the playoffs. He always kept them in the middle of the hunt. He did what he was supposed to do…he won the MVP…he did all types of things.” said Perkins.

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