Kevin Durant Injures His Achilles In Game 5 Of The NBA Finals

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Kevin Durant Injures His Achilles In Game 5 Of The NBA Finals

Kevin Durant who’s return was highly anticipated, which ended in a possible much worse injury than before playing.

Currently there is no time table set for when Durant will play again, though his NBA Finals appearances are most likely over for the season.

The star forward left the game in the 2nd quarter of the NBA game 5 Finals, Golden State won this game against the Raptors 106-105.

Originally the Warriors planned for him to return when he was ready, he was cleared by the Warriors medical staff and participated in practice with the team. This injury comes at a much worse time as the Warriors will most likely be attempting to come back and win the NBA Title. Durant made it easier on them to accomplish this.

“The skill, obviously, is undeniable and he’s a guy who can get a shot off anytime he wants,” said coach Kerr on Monday. “He’s been in similar situations with us where he’s had long layoffs. He’s Kevin Durant. If we have him out there, he’ll be a threat.”

Durant will have a MRI scan which should give an exact timeline on when he’ll be able to return to the court.

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