Kevin Garnett & Fat Joe Question Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant Toughness

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NBA legend Kevin Garnett had some choice words for Kyrie & Kevin Durant regarding their disinterest in the city of Boston.

“Boston’s a tough town, dawg. You have to have some major cojones to be there. You got to want that. The people want it for you. That’s why Paul is perfect for it. Paul wants the shot every time. Like, ‘You’re 0-for-14.’ And he’s like, ‘I know, but they WANT it.”

Paul Piece stayed with Boston for majority of his career before being traded to the Nets.

Fat Joe jumped into the conversation as it related to the New York Knicks and didn’t feel that Kevin Durant & Kyrie could deal with the pressure of New York.

“They didn’t want that New York Knick pressure. They didn’t want that media attention,” said Fat Joe. “They said, ‘Alright we want New York, but let’s do the lesser of the drama. Let’s go to Brooklyn.'”.

Kevin Durant responded back and was only concern with the fact that he’s most likely attempting to sell records with an upcoming album in the works it makes sense.

“Oh that’s just Joey crack trying to sell that album, go cop that family ties on December 6.” said the famous forward Durant.

“If they did the Nets, I thought they should have done the Knicks, if I’m being honest.” said ex NBA star Garnett. “I’m not a Knick fan by far. But if they come to the city and dominate, man. The first superstar to hit New York and be vibing is going to be bigger than life. Remember I said that. Any piece of hope in this city is going to skyrocket. People are waiting.” said Garnett.

The city of New York is indeed waiting for a spark of superstar power they traded away forward Kristaps Porziņģis, the often injured forward couldn’t impress them enough averaging 16.3 ppg & 9.1 rebounds this season, he couldn’t stay on the roster and didn’t lead them to a successful team New York continues to look for that star player that will bring back basketball tradition to their team.

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