Kevin Love Could Possibly Be Traded Away From Cavs

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Kevin Love Could Possibly Be Traded Away From Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers announced they’re open to trading power forward Kevin Love, Most likely if it’s what is best for the team to do this season.

Currently there doesn’t appear to be a deal that they’re letting fans know is in the works, but rather hinted that they’re listening to multiple offers for the rebounding forward.

The Cavs are in a rebuilding phase of their team and Love helped them win a championship so he most likely wants to be a part of a contender at this point in his career.
Similar to his situation in Minnesota, Love logged heavy minutes and lead the league in rebounding until he was traded and it created a lift to his career.

Love is 31 and still has a lot to offer to a team that is willing to give him the playing time he’ll need to thrive, his contract is worth $120 Million, that’s three years remaining and $90 million on his contract.

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