Klay Thompson Set To Have His Jersey Retired At Washington State

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Klay Thompson is not active in the NBA right now, he’s planning a recovery for the next season.

He spoke with reporters and let them know he’s also open to playing this season. Thompson re-stated himself and let fans know it’s not looking like a possibility.

Klay Thompsons jersey number being retired is a historic event. Right now he’s the one of two players to have their jersey number retired for WSU basketball players.

Klay Thompson returns to Pullman to become just the second WSU basketball player to have his number retired during Washington State’s game against Oregon State.

Steph Curry has confirmed he will be there to support his team mate. This idea could possibly give Davidson, Curry’s college to do the same for Steph Curry.

They’ve both accomplished a lot in their careers and love playing together it only makes sense that the two players will celebrate a big accomplishment.

The full list of people that will be there to celebrate Klay’s accomplishment will most likely be released later.

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