Kylie Jenner Reveals Everything She Eats In A Day

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Kylie Jenner revelaed everything she eats in a day in her latest video for Harpers BAZAAR. One thing you will not catch in the makeup moguls home? nuts! “All nuts actually, not just peanuts,” Kylie said in the video. “Because Stormi is allergic.” In the beginning of the video, the 22-year-old mom revealed that Stormi shares the same “hangry” face as her. “If there was like a face of  ‘hangry,’ it would be me. That would be my face,” Kylie said. “And Stormi has it, too. Because when that little girl is a little hungry, she turns into a different baby. So if you wonder where she gets it from, it’s me, for sure.”

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Kylie starts her day off drinking bone broth, which consists of lavender and lemon, plus the broth. On other days, she drinks celery juice. “I have like a whole drawer in my refrigerator of just raw celery,” she said. Jenner said she is “a coffee and tea drinker” but has been “trying to cut back a little bit,” citing that her favorite tea is peach tea and she likes vanilla iced latte’s with oat milk “that’s my jam.”

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Image Source: harpersbazaar

Kylie says that her and Stormi usually enjoy breakfast together, revealing that her little girl “likes fruit, she loves turkey bacon and oh, she loves bagel,” Kylie added. “Actually the other night… I always wonder ‘what does this little girl dream about?’ And she woke up out of her sleep and said, ‘bagel.’ She was dead asleep, dreaming about bagels,” the makeup icon said.

For lunch, Kylie said she doesn’t eat the same thing every day, but enjoys “lemon chicken with vegetables… sometimes I’ll make myself some tacos,” revealing that day for lunch she ordered a steak burrito with some rice and enchiladas. “I was feeling Mexican food vibes today.”

As she finished up a cup of peach tea, Kylie said her favorite cheap meal is In-N-Out, “It’s just for me,” citing that while she was pregnant she had to eat at the burger joint at least once a week, “It was a problem.” As for what she orders at the fast-food chain? “I’ll always do a double cheeseburger with just special sauce and grilled onions. I’ll either get it protein style or not depending on the mood.” Of coarse, she also has to have an order of fries “well done and a coke.”

During the interview, she reveals that she is “a big snacker” with some of her favorites being Barbecue Lays chips, chili cheese Fritos and extra cheesy Goldfish. “I am either cooking for Stormi and myself or I am somewhere eating sushi.” As for her drinks of choice, she loves a Corona light with a lime, white wine or straight 42 shots.

The way she avoids late night cravings? by herself in her bedroom and getting comfy in bed with a pre-sliced apple nearby. “Since I’m really comfortable, I’ll be too lazy probably to go down to the kitchen, so my only choice is this apple.” Check out the full video above.

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