Lakers Fall To Clippers In Christmas Game

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Lakers Fall To Clippers In Christmas Game

The Lakers experienced a tough loss to the L.A. Clippers in a competitive game that will go down in history.

The star of the game was Kawhi Leonard he put up an impressive 35 points in this game along with 11 rebounds & 5 assists this helped his team will their way to a win.

Fans of the Lakers will most likely take this L as a big loss as it gives the Clippers more competitive edge.

Both teams are championship level teams, LeBron James chipped in and had somewhat of a slump of a night.

Many will say Patrick Beverly was the star of the game after forcing LeBron to lose the ball poking it out of his hands and gaining possession of the ball.

The Lakers finished the game with 105 points to 111 points for the Clippers.

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