Lakers Kyle Kuzma Thinks Carmelo Anthony Can Play Better Than Half The Players In The League

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Carmelo Anthony has been consistent in earning a roster spot in the NBA.

He is currently in L.A. working with Kyle Kuzma and is hoping he will get a call from one of the 30 NBA teams.

Some of the teams obviously are a automatic no, such as ATL & OKC.

Melo was a part of a three-team deal while he was a active player his current team at the time was Oklahoma City Thunder.

Carmelo Anthony was traded along with a top-14 protected 2022 first-round draft pick to the Atlanta Hawks for guard Dennis Schroder.

This lead to a $25.5 million dollar buy out, he then signed with the Houston Rockets who let him go early into the season.

Since then he’s been without a team and hanging out with other NBA stars.

While practicing with Kyle Kuzma the popular forward felt he needed to show Melo praise for playing well.

“Melo is easily better than half the league right now,” Kuzma said. “There’s no question about it. He should be on a team right now. He’s still one of the best players. The slander people throw at him is something I don’t really understand. Maybe that’s just the way today’s society is right now.

“It would be great to see him in L.A., but I don’t make those decisions. That’s up to Rob Pelinka to make those decisions as far as what he thinks is best for the Lakers. He’s done a great job so far putting this team together.”

Carmelo Anthony earned respect from Kuzma during practice but Melo has been having troubles with his shooting, his FG percentage has been dropping through the years which leads to many feeling he doesn’t deserve a chance to play at the NBA level.

The Lakers showed interest in him earlier in the season since then they’ve looked for other options to fill that final roster spot.

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