Lakers Still Focused On Winning Games Despite Dropping Winning Streak

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The Lakers are still focused on winning more games and will need to make adjustments to be ready for the next few upcoming games, they’ll most likely focus on extending their playing time and getting the most out of their starters to beat out the competition.

“Our whole thing is we don’t want to lose two in a row” LeBron said. Anthony Davis & LeBron make a great duo, though will need to get more out of their bench players. The game that got dropped most likely is a lapse in their offense and they’re focused on it.

“Realistic is the mindset. It’s not about sometimes you lose games in a row. Just having that mindset and that approach.” said LeBron. The approach he speaks of is to not allow the opponent take you mentally out of the game and stay focused on the goal you’re attempting to win at, for the Lakers that means winning more games and extending their streak beyond the typical record.

Although many fans did not like the fact that the Lakers dropped a game to a lesser team Davis downplayed the importance of losing a game.

“We’re not going to get down over this loss. We know the type of team we are. We know now we were playing well and they beat us, but we beat ourselves tonight with the rebounding and we need to do better.”.

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