The LARGEST Food Items In The World

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The LARGEST Food Items In The World

This is America where bigger is better from our TVs, to our cars and houses everything must be supersized, or its just not good enough. We live in a time where just about every fast food item on the menu offers an EXTRA large option. I mean who doesn’t love supersize fries right? Just when you think you have seen the biggest think again. Check out the largest Guinness Book of World Record-breaking foods, including a burger that’s probably bigger than your bed.

The World’s Largest Chicken Nugget

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 1101571656

This worlds largest chicken nugget is  51.1lbs, 3.25ft x 2ft now that ALOT of nugget! This monster nugget was made by Empire Kosher in celebration of its 75th anniversary. Empire Kosher is the largest producer of kosher poultry in the United States. This nugget took more than three hours to cook and is the size of about 750 normal-sized nuggets.

The World’s Largest Burger

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 176527867

Here I thought the Big Mac was big…The largest hamburger weighed 913.54 kg (2,014 lb) and was prepared by Black Bear Casino Resort (USA), Carlton, Minnesota, USA, on 2 September 2012. The hamburger was topped with 23.81 kg (52.5 lb) of tomatoes, 22.68 kg (50 lb) of lettuce, 27.22 kg (60 lb) of onion, 8.62 kg (19 lb) of pickles, 18.14 kg (40 lb) of American cheese and 7.48 kg (16.5 lb) of bacon.

The Worlds Scoop Of Ice Cream

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 339005718

The largest scoop of ice-cream weighed 1365kg 312.93g (3,010 lb) and was created by Kemps LLC (USA), in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA on 28 June 2014.

The strawberry flavored ice-cream scoop measured 5’ 6” tall and 6’ 2” wide, containing approximately 733 containers of ice-cream. Thousands of attendees at the Cedarburg strawberry festival lined up and received a generous serving of the ice-cream for free throughout the weekend.

The World’s Largest Sweet Tea

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 737170226

Thirsty anyone? This monster drink was concocted by Chick-Fil-A using more than 900 gallons of water, 70 pounds of tea leaves and – get this – 1150 pounds of sugar! Throw in a ton of ice (literally) and you’ve got a sweet tea of mammoth proportions.

The World’s Largest Nachos

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 602979963

Endless nachos? YES please! This massive lot of nachos is  4,689lbs, 80ft long. This nacho train was constructed with the help of more than 80 volunteers in an effort to raise money for LINK Kitchen, a Kansas-based charity that provides home-cooked meals for the homeless and hungry.

The World’s Largest Gluten-Free Pizza

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 225423511

Pizza anyone? This pizza is 131ft in diameter, 51,25 lbs. The pie includeed 19,800lbs of flour, 10,000lbs of tomato sauce, 8,800lbs of mozzarella cheese, 1,488lbs of margarine, 551lbs of rock salt, 220lbs of lettuce, and 55lbs of vinegar. This gigantic pizza was made in Rome, Italy in 2012. Five chefs spent over 48 hours baking the dough in over 5,000 batches now thats dedication.

The World’s Biggest Chocolate Bar

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 1276653812

Think this will cure your sweet tooth? I could totally live with having this laying around for those days I want chocolate, which is everyday. 

This massive bar is 12,770lbs and 4.48oz; 13ft and 1.48in x 1ft and 1.78in. In 2011 To celebrate 100 years of making chocolate, Thortons decided to craft this monstrous chocolate bar. It took about 10 hours to fill the mold and another three days to cool the chocolate off. The company claims to have made it with the exact same recipe as its classic milk chocolate bars.

The World’s Largest Bowl Of Mac And Cheese

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 262368714

I mean could there ever really be too much Mac and Cheese? I think not. This huge bowl of cheesy-ness is 2,469lbs, consisting of 57 lbs of cooked macaroni, 286lbs of mixed cheese, 56lbs of butter, 26lbs of flour, 1,100lbs of milk, and 61lbs of dry seasoning blend. 2010 Cabot Creamery Cooperative teamed up with chef John Folse to concoct this hefty vat of mac and cheese in a cast iron kettle from the 18th century.

The World’s Largest Sushi Roll

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 1159049803

The sushi roll that doesn’t end. This huge sushi roll is 1.5 miles long, featuring 1.5 tons of rice, 500 kg of cucumbers, 14,000 pieces of seaweed, and 25 kg of sesame. In order to complete this, 60 chefs worked for 15 hours rolling rice and seaweed. Check out a quick video of the event below: 

The World’s Largest Pancake

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 386260083

Can I have syrup with that please? This huge pancake in Rochdale, Manchester, United Kingdomis  49ft 3in in diameter and 2.5 cm (1 in) thick. Weighed 6,614lbs. They had to use cranes to flip the mega-flapjack over. I can’t even flip a normal size pancake without messing it up so this is more than just delicious this is a masterpiece.

The Worlds Longest Line Of Taco’s

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 721455554

Why am I not around when things like this are going down? This is a record breaking line of tacos. Chefs in Mexico broke the world record for the longest uninterrupted line of tacos.The taco line, almost 10,000 feet long, was given to the public.. YUM!

The World’s Largest Bagel

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 1799310178

Cream cheese please! The biggest bagel ever created was made by Brueggers Bagels in August of 2004. This 868-pound behemoth was six feet wide and 20 inches thick. To make this bagel, bakers used nearly 1100 pounds of dough, 660 pounds of flour. There goes that low carb diet.

The World’s Largest Salad

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 2050395934

This alongside the world’s biggest pizza would make the perfect combo. In June of 2010, the largest salad ever made was created in Crete, Greece. This crunchy, yummy Greek salad weighed in at more than 29,500 pounds, and included six tons of tomatoes, three tons of cucumbers and 500 kilos of feta cheese.

The World’s Largest Hot Dog

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 1088708312

You can finish a footlong, but can you finish a 375-foot hot dog? This monster dog was created by local businesses in Monterrey, Mexico, in September of 2008. Once everything was verified, the record won, the hot dog was cut up into 1000 pieces and served to eager onlookers.

The World’s Largest Cinnamon Roll

The LARGEST Food Items In The World 1500175050

Not sure if there could ever be too big of a cinnamon roll. This massive cinnamon treat was created in October of 2005 by the House of Bread (appropriate) in Mill Creek, Washington. This roll weighed nearly 247 pounds and included 180 pounds of dough and about 50 pounds of cinnamon sugar and butter. Oh,and 50 pounds of icing.

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