Laundry Room Ideas

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Try some of these stylish,and functional laundry room ideas to make it a room you actually enjoy being in.

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Hang two big hooks to store your ironing board up on your laundry room wall.

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This blogger added a basic shelf and decor pieces and transformed her

laundry room check out her before and after HERE.

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Use a barn door to add some charm to your laundry room.

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See how this blogger added this low shelf for extra space in her laundry room.

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Clever way to store lint in your laundry room. Check out how this is made with just a plastic container HERE.

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Get the tutorial on how to make this totally functional laundry pedestal HERE.

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Make this DIY ladder drying rack for your laundry room

Get rid of all the bulky detergent bottles and make these DIY laundry mason jar containers.

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