LeBron James Can’t Switch His Jersey Number Yet

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LeBron James Can’t Switch His Jersey Number Yet

LeBron James was hoping to revert back to his no. 6 Jersey he wore in Miami but Nike couldn’t allow it.

Looks like he will have to wait until 2020 to hand the jersey number to Anthony Davis who has wore the number 23 his entire career.

Nike wasn’t able to approve this change, in their own words it would of created a ton of “production issues and the massive financial hit”.

Several fans have already ordered LeBron James Laker Jerseys and a sudden change in number could of created a big issue within the company.

James did everything within his power to make the change happen, he tweeted the No. 6 with a prayer hands emoji.

Currently it is unknown what the number for Anthony Davis will be, he will start a new chapter in his basketball career with a new jersey number.

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