LeBron James Get Emotional About His Son

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LeBron James Get Emotional About His Son

LeBron James is one of the best basketball players in the world, that doesn’t mean he isn’t able to have a moment to be emotional about his personal life.  Bronny James Jr. played in Columbus, Ohio.  James had a good outing putting up 15 points. LeBron is emotional about life going full circle, not only noticing that his son has a true possibility of being able to play on the same team.

“Obviously, everybody knows that St. Vincent-St. Mary is when people started to recognize me from a national standpoint and for it to be 15 years later and my son is about to play a high school game versus my alma mater in our home state, the only thing that would have been more emotional is if my son was playing St. Vincent-St. Mary at the LeBron James Arena in Akron. That would have been like, that would have been too much.”

“It’s just a pretty cool thing. You don’t know how things are going to line up in life and it almost seems like it’s all coming back full circle, seeing my oldest son doing the things that he’s doing. I’m proud of him and his basketball club. They got a great team but, more importantly, they are great kids.”.

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