Life Hacks to Urgent Writing: 10 Tips for a One-Night Essay

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The majority of students face the problem of writing an essay in one night. The reasons vary:

  • Too many classes and obligations. An essay is more likely to be postponed to the last day.
  • Too much self-confidence can play a bad trick. Essay, no matter how long it is, can be a difficult task.
  • A professor requires an essay to be written immediately. In this case, it comes as a punishment.

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Anyway, a student appears with a difficult task to be completed in several hours. Is there a possible way out? Yes. Continue reading to learn about ten tips that will help you with swift essay writing.

External Professional Help

The quickest and most reliable way to get an essay in hours is by making a professional write it. Even if you are a skilled essay writer, it is better to entrust a problem to a past master in essay writing. It is his obligation. There is a site that writes quick essays without problems. It is called You can order a paper with the shortest deadline there. It will save your time, nerves, and efforts.

Make a Scheduled Plan

Nothing can deal without it. If you are short of time, you need to keep every minute. Compose a detailed outline. Estimate the time you need to complete every part and follow it. If you are stuck on one part, skip it. Return to it later if you have got some time left. Do not be afraid, but you’ll need about 20% of your time for outlining. And remember, an outline is not just a plan for writing. It is a logical consequence of your thoughts. Write according to it to keep the proper structure of a paper.

Understand You You Are Going to Write About

Each essay is a bare thesis statement or question with explanations, examples, and arguments. If you comprehend the essence of the text, it will be easier to start writing. Ask yourself several questions concerning your topic and give answers to them. Then, expand those answers, supply them with evidence, and your essay is ready.

Do Not Underestimate the Research

If you need a little investigation, make it. Surf the Internet for a couple of sources. From the books, you’ll be able to acquire some ideas or inspiration for writing. Or you will notice something you have lost in a hurry. Anyway, devote a couple of hours for the books.

Highlight the Main Ideas of Your Essay

Having the outline by hand lets you think about every passage or idea. Try to express each of them in one full and informative sentence. Then try to guess how to bond the sentences with each other. Think about some arguments to support your concepts. Guess if there will be counter-arguments. Write them down and you’ll have a half of a paper. Make sure to follow from the weakest argument to strong ones.

Find Related Topics on the Internet

No one forbids you to look for inspiration in the already made essays. It is difficult to guess a unique topic nobody hasn’t written before. However, you need to understand a fine line between adoption and plagiarism. Devote some time for citing rules of a chosen style.

Be Simple

Never mind complicated passages and overgrown sentences. Nobody expects you to be the next Shakespeare. Use simple phrases and avoid senseless words. Firstly, it will be easier to read your essay. Secondly, you will write quickly without thinking about beautiful words and auxiliary phrases. However, it does not mean that you can afford grammar mistakes.

Mind That It Is the 21st Century

Make artificial intelligence help you. On the Internet, you can find lots of services and applications that can correct you and help with styling. Use grammar checkers to watch your mistakes. Do not forget about anti-plagiarism software if you have cited a lot. Some software can assist you with paraphrasing. Other services will help with styling. This trick is always relevant, not only in the case of an urgent essay.

Make a Good Essay, at Least for Appearance

If you feel you cannot disclose a topic for 100%, leave this idea. It is not a good situation, so you must make your essay at least pleasant and exciting to read. An excellent way to hook your audience is to start a dialogue. Find an inspiring example, tell an anecdote, put a quote, ask a rhetorical question, etc. If they listen to you with the pent breath, they are not likely to notice other glitches.

Spare Some Time for Revision

It will not matter how poor or excellent your essay was. If your professor finds enough mistakes in it, you will never get your score. Make sure to leave at least an hour for thorough revision. Otherwise, all the efforts you put into the paper will be wasted.

Now you are ready to get yourself an essay in the shortest time. Note that you haven’t read about anything illegal. If the task is too complicated, do not hesitate to use essay writing services.

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