Luke Walton Has Sexual Assault Charges Dropped

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Luke Walton Has Sexual Assault Charges Dropped 965350757


Usually a case as serious as sexual assault is resolved in court, but instead the woman who filed a lawsuit against Luke Walton has decided to drop the charges.

The lawsuit has been officially dismissed this means that the will no longer be able to be used against Walton should he be charged with such charges again from the victim of the reported crime.

The reason behind her dropping the charges has not be revealed yet, Walton instead is now focused on helping his team win.

“100% focused on coaching the Sacramento Kings, and energized to work with this incredible group of players and coaches as we start the preseason. I will have no further comment” said Walton. This was back when the Kings were practicing for their upcoming season he’s officially moved on past the incident.

The Kings appeared to never take the claims serious and stood by Walton throughout the entire process.

“Luke Walton is our head coach and we support him and his team as they continue to prepare for the upcoming season.” said the Sacramento Kings.

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