How To Make A Hay Bale Pool For Summer

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Summer is so close and the idea of having a pool in my backyard sounds ideal. Thinking of getting a pool this summer? this cheap and easy DIY  hay bale pool just might be what your looking for to cool off on those hot summer days.

All you need for this awesome pool is

  • 14 bales of hay
  • a large tarp
  • a water source
  • heavy duty tape

Follow the 4 step process below to have your backyard paradise in no time

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1. Lay the bales out on the ground where you want your pool to live. If you want a rectangular pool, use four bales on two sides and three bales on the two ends.

2. Cover them with your tarp, making sure to tuck the sides of the tarp underneath the outside edge of the bales. Wrap a rope around the exterior of the pool to help hold the tarp in place.

3. Use the heavy duty tape to patch any holes that may arise.

4. Fill with water, wait for the sun to warm it a bit,. ENJOY!

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