Man Dies After Drinking Caffeine Infused Protein Shake

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Lachlann Foote was a 21-year-old aspiring Australian musician who suddenly died just before his 22nd birthday on New Year’s Day. Foote was partying with friends on New Year’s Eve with his friends and he drank a protein shake at home to fight off a hangover.

Man Dies After Drinking Caffeine Infused Protein Shake 1261423850

Image Source: Facebook

“I think my protein powder has gone off. Just made an anti hangover / workout shake and it tasted awful,” he messaged friends.

He was later found dead on his bathroom floor. Lachlann’s father Nigel took to Facebook to reveal that his son died from “caffeine toxicity.”

According to the Facebook post, Lachlann had been given a caffeine powder that was banned in the US from a friend. Lachlann added the caffeine powder to his protein shake. A teaspoon that has the caffeine of “25-50 cups of coffee.” Nigel warns that “a teaspoon is lethal”

‚ÄúPlease warn your friends, talk to your children and perhaps check your kitchen cupboards.”

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