Paul George Anticipates Return In New Orleans Game

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Paul George Anticipates Return In New Orleans Game

Speculation of a Paul George return is running through many news outlets and many fans are excited to see Paul George debut tonight against the New Orleans Pelicans. Fans are hoping he does not earn a DNP.

L.A. Clippers have spent a lot of time without Paul George they were told he’d play currently fans are hoping this is true.

They’ve spent a lot of time without the all-star, Kawhi Leonard promoted the idea of him and George playing together and many people feel the 2 pair well together.

Doc Rivers has spoke about it a little and says it’s a “survival” as he speaks about the previous games his team has had to endure.

They faced a loss to the Houston Rockets on November 13, 2019 and are hoping to bounce out of the slump they’re trending closer towards.

Paul George will be a nice lift for the Clippers he will provide a huge offensive surge to the Clipper giving them a little more hype to use when they’re fighting for a championship this year.

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