Paul George Comments On Carmelo Anthony Style Of Playing Basketball

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Paul George Comments On Carmelo Anthony Style Of Playing Basketball

Paul George spoke out to reporters about the way Carmelo Anthony plays basketball after handing the Portland Trail Blazers a loss he was asked a series of questions about the famous forward Carmelo Anthony.

“He was the big brother, he was the mentor, he was the one who got me this chain,”  said George, remembering a time when they were team mate on the OKC Thunder. “The list goes on for what Melo did for me there.”.

“I’m not going to be happy with, with how they tried to shoot him down when he first started” said George.

Paul George & Melo are friends so it makes sense he’d prefer not to be caught up in the doubt facing Carmelo’s career, many critics called him a bad team mate and also said he wasn’t capable of coming off the bench making him more of a poison to teams instead of a solution. The Trail Blazers are currently 3-4 in their last 4 games it appears to be working for them right now.

Prior to the move to the Houston Rockets Melo was considered a serious threat on offense and lead many of his teams in points and other stats as well criticism appeared to have gotten the best of his game but that’s not necessarily the situation now.

Paul George replied to critics that may be stepping back in later to bring Melo’s game down, he simply replied “Let Him Hoop”.

Carmelo this season so far is averaging 16.4 points on 44% shooting & 14.3 attempts.

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