Research On Coronavirus Among Celebrities

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“Today’s awful situation with coronavirus in the world has touched also the celebrities. Let’s see who of them has faced the disease so far.”

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Today, the entire world faces a critical issue of a new COVID-19 virus, also known as Coronavirus. It poses a notable challenge to every country and every individual on both personal and social levels. On the other hand, it provides humanity with a great chance to get together in the fight against it. At the same time, it gives each person an opportunity for self-development. Let’s study this phenomenon deeper basing on the cases of celebrities, especially the ones in Canada, who’ve been tested on Coronavirus and received positive results.

Celebrities and Coronavirus

Without any doubt, celebrities appear as role models to their audiences in a great number of different situations because they are constantly in the spotlight and, while remaining human, are expected to be an example to others. In the case of Coronavirus, famous people are often viewed in a similar way even though they are clearly not qualified in this sphere. That’s because when humans all over the world don’t know how to behave and how to react to the new critical challenges caused by COVID-19, they turn their eyes to those who’ve been attracting their attention before.

It’s no wonder, Coronavirus is an extremely hot topic now and even becomes a subject for a student assignment. One could be surprised that such a thing can be covered in a paper, but in fact, there is a lot to study here in contexts of the global community and separate countries, including Canada. Such pieces of research can even be found online, at essay writing services. It is sometimes useful to take a look at some of the topical events from the perspective of an assignment writing service from Canada, as it broadens one’s understanding of the issue. The particular problem that is thought-provoking in relation to celebrities and COVID-19 is how famous people deal with the virus when they get infected and how they choose to communicate this situation to their audiences.

Also, it is interesting how celebs face potential complications with work because the entire entertainment industry is facing a serious crisis now. Lots of live shows and film releases get rescheduled or even canceled because of the pandemic, so even those whose physical state isn’t impacted still feel the virus’ effects, similarly to people with other jobs all over the world. Let’s review the entire phenomenon basing on the examples of celebrities with Coronavirus from Canada.

Coronavirus and Canadian Famous People

According to the official report, the spread of Coronavirus in Canada is significant but hasn’t become as critical as in those countries who’ve reported great crises. In particular, with more than 120 thousand people tested, there are almost 2 thousand confirmed cases and almost 30 deaths. The situation is carefully controlled and moderated by the government.

Speaking of the cases of COVID-19 among Canadian celebrities, there aren’t that many of them that have been publicly discussed. The most widely known one is the case of Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, who is a social activist and wife of the Canadian Prime Minister. Grégoire Trudeau has attended a lot of public events prior to having the Coronavirus detected. Those events include an International Women’s Day conference and the Wembley Arena We Day event, where she communicated with a British actor Idris Elba who has also been positively tested for Coronavirus.

Notably, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is a great example of a celebrity who uses her fame and authority to communicate with the audience and inform it about the barely known virus. Also, what is even more important, she actively promotes social isolation in Canadian society and stimulates people to stay at home. In this case, we should point out the fact that the very case of Sophie Grégoire Trudeau getting Coronavirus has significantly affected the Canadian community. At the same day news about the Prime Minister’s wife’s infection got spread, Canadians reacted with the social isolation and a great decrease of public events, even the ones that didn’t involve big numbers of people.

Altogether, when it comes to news on celebrities, we can observe the phenomenon of famous people shaping public opinions and behavior even in the period of a global pandemic. Celebrities all over the world actively promote social distancing and ask their fans to stay at home. What’s more, those of them who get infected tend to openly discuss their experience and inform their audiences about the symptoms. Clearly, such an approach positively affects the ability of the global community to respond to the challenges of COVID-19.

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