Running Gear for Beginners: The 5 Essential Items You Need

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When starting any new sport, the toughest part may be getting the right gear. So, as soon you decided to take up running casually, or you’re preparing for your first 5K, you might wonder what can you wear to make running even more healthy and comfortable. There is a lot to choose from, from various brands, designs, and colours, but here are the most essential factors of your running gear.

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Running Shoes

Running shoes are the most important piece of your running gear. That is why you should invest some time and money into finding the right pair. First of all, your running shoes should be well-cushioned and feel comfortable on your feet no matter how tired they might be. If you run in some old, worn-out or ill-fitting sneakers, your feet are going to get sore, you might develop blisters and overall you’re not in for a joyful ride. Also, look for a pair of sneakers that are lightweight so you won’t pull down on all of your leg muscles and make sure they have a reflective surface; especially if you like running late at night or early in the morning.

Good Shirts

The shirt you’re going to pick for running will mainly depend on the weather. So, think about having a wide range of shirts for different seasons and temperatures. For example, have a sleeveless shirt, light shirts, some heavy turtlenecks and so on. However, there is one rule you should stick to – no cotton shirts. Instead of picking cotton ones, you should rely on shirts made with technical fabrics, because they won’t keep the moisture on the surface of your skin. Rather, technical fabrics move the sweat to the outer surface, letting it evaporate and keeping you dry and comfy. What is more, this type of fabric will regulate your body temperature and won’t irritate your skin.

Leg Attire

When it comes to leg attire, you practically have two choices – shorts and running tights. Any other choice would only cause discomfort and probably chaffing. If you decide to get running shorts, make sure that they are made of breathable lightweight fabrics. Also, look for shorts that have mesh underwear lining and shorts that have pockets where you can store your keys, ID, phone or whatever else you need to bring with you.

On the other hand, if you choose tights, make sure to pick ones that are made from high-performance stretchy fabrics. Such fabrics can draw away moisture from your body and let you run comfortably, no matter how hot you are. Plus, they can keep your thighs from chafing and painful irritations.

However, if you simply don’t feel comfortable in tights, but still want to have some protection on your calves, there is another option. You can pair your running shorts with a calf sleeve. Calf compression sleeves are made of quality and light fabrics that make running as comfortable as it gets.

Sports Watch

If you want to become serious about your training and track your performance in order to motivate yourself, then you will need a sports watch to keep you up-to-date. Look for a sports or smartwatch that has good GPS built in, so you can track your patterns, running time or splits during the race and it will help you encourage yourself to pick up the pace and run faster and further.

Also, you can look for a smartwatch that can track your pace, running intervals, heart rate and so on. This all will help you stay focused and motivated to run more, faster and further. More importantly, keeping track of your data and progress won’t let you give up that easily on your running training.

Good Headphones

Since running can keep your mind lonely and you need an extra push, it is understandable to listen to your favorite music. Music has been linked with improved running performance, consistency and overall more enjoyable experience, so it’s no wonder all of us listen to it while working out. However, you will need a pair of quality headphones or earphones for this. When looking for these you will have to pay attention to several things. Your new headphones should be tough enough to endure all the training sessions. Also, they should be moisture-resistant so they can withstand rain and sweat. And lastly, they should fit nicely into your ear and feel comfortable. If one of the pieces falls out of your ear as you’re moving, you’re only going to get annoyed. Plus, if they are not comfortable, your ears might start aching and it’s a big distraction.

To start any kind of training and for any kind of reason can be hard. When it comes to running, besides enormous amounts of, you will need something else to keep you going and that’s your equipment. Not only can it keep you motivated to run, but it will provide you comfort and security for a nice healthy training session each day.

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