Russell Westbrook Has Surgery On His Knee

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Former MVP Westbrook underwent a surgery that could keep him out of the opening night game and possibly few more regular season games.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will be without their star point guard for the start of camp. The team announced that he had the arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and will need four weeks before being re-evaluated.

The Oklahoma City Thunder recently signed Paul George to a four-year, 137 million contract and picked up Dennis Schröder in a trade that involved Carmelo Anthony.

Schröder will most likely receive the majority of minutes left behind by Westbrook.

This will produce a interesting start of the Oklahoma City Thunder and may raise a few questions about Westbrook’s overall health given how sudden he needed the surgery.

The Thunder have assured fans that this isn’t something to worry about and it’s standard surgery for someone such as Westbrook who’s very known for his aggressive style of play.

Last season Westbrook logged over 2,900+ minutes along missing 2 games all season long. Averaging 25.4 ppg, 10.1 assists and 10.1 rebounds.

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