Russell Westbrook Reflects On His Visit Back To OKC

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Russell Westbrook Reflects On His Visit Back To OKC 1193242970

The Oklahoma City Thunder fans embraced Russell Westbrook.

He later admitted he felt a sense of home with being able to play there.

The popular point guard felt that it was best to stay focused on the game during his time there.

Constant chants of “MVP” most likely made him re-feel the emotion of playing for his former team.

“Man, some things you can’t put into words, just because I’ve been here so long, so many great memories, great people,” said Westbrook.

Westbrook score 34 points in a loss the Thunder handed him and his new team the Houston Rockets.

He leads the entire franchise for most points scored by any NBA player with 18,859.

That is considered a huge accomplish by a guard that was marked a immature and selfish player the moment he came into the league.

The fans he built in OKC appear to still support him after Kevin Durant left in free agency to join the Golden State Warriors.

They’ve shown him a ton of appreciation and considered him their franchise player before deciding it was best to trade him for Chris Paul.

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